Saturday, September 10, 2011

Flight of Green Teas! September 10th & 11th!

Though the leaves may be turning from green to red soon, we are still feeling green! This weekend try our exquisite flight of Japanese green teas: Sencha Scent of Mountains, Gyokuro, and Yanagi.

In Kawane, located higher than Kakegawa (where our Ichiban Sencha comes from)  the weather is cooler and foggier, thus Sencha Scent of Mountains grows slowly. Having a delightful vegetal aroma, Scent of Mountains has become a staff favorite, and soon to be yours too!

Being Uji's most famous tea, Gyokuro has been sipped by Japanese aristocrats for years! The tea is shade-grown and has a mouth coating flavor  of steamed spinach and toasted walnuts. A divine green to taste, Gyokuro is a filling, overall enjoyable tea.

When leaves fall out during the rubbing process of making Sencha, they can come out flat or double-folded. These leaves become a tea called Yanagi Green. The taste is less intense, being lighter and lingering less. A good value green, most enjoy Yanagi after meals.

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