Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Flight of Teas! February 19th and 20th!

Japanese Tea Master: TsuYoshi Sugimoto

Sunday, February 20th
3pm - 6pm

TsuYoshi Sugimoto is a Japanese Tea Master from Uji
and he is also one of our tea purveyors.

He is one of the reasons we have such great Japanese teas to offer you!
He will be joining us behind the tasting bar on 

Sunday, February 20th from
3pm - 6pm at our SoHo store
 doing demonstrations of green tea preparations and an exquisite, nuanced Japanese tea tasting!

This weekend we are presenting a flight of Earl Grey teas. Our master tea blenders have created three special variations of the classic, Bergamot flavored, black tea. These unique and inviting brews are the perfect way to warm up this weekend!

Earl Grey Supreme is the perfect tea for those who consider themselves connoisseurs. Using a higher grade of tea, as well as the addition of Ceylon Silver Tips, if you love strong Bergamot this tea is a delicious departure from the standard Earl Grey.
Viennese Earl Grey adds Darjeeling to the base tea before the Bergamot is added. Michael Harney was first introduced to this delightful variation of Earl Grey tea while visiting friends in Vienna, prompting the name.

Winter White Earl Grey is a blend of delicate Chinese Mutan White tea and lemony Bergamot. While decidedly more mellow than the previous blends, this tea is quite pleasing, light in body and evocative.

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